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Ayurveda states that the human mind is a complex organ which is linked with our bodies, actions and thoughts. The mind has three states or “Gunas” called “Sattva” (knowledge, clarity), “Rajas” (distraction) and “Tamas” (ignorance). A balance of these three states rules our mental and emotional health. Any imbalance leads to ailments like depression, stress, anxiety, etc. By minimizing Rajas and Tamas and increasing the Sattvic state, one can bring the mind back to its healthy state.

In Ayurveda there are numerous ways for management and getting relief from stress. Getting Ayurvedic treatment at an Ayurveda Hospital is an effective way to heal your body and mind. Westfort Ayurveda Hospital, Thrissur is a leading Ayurveda Hospital in Kerala offering Ayurvedic treatments for relieving stress.  Here with the help of traditional Ayurvedic therapies administered by trained ayuvedic massage experts and healthy diet routines, you can get back to a healthier and happier life. Some of the ayurvedic therapies provided at Ayurveda hospital, Best ayurvedic massage centers in Kerala as part of stress management and relief treatment includes:

Abhyanga, is an effective remedy used for relieving and building resilience to stress. It is Ayurvedic technique where the body is massaged with large amounts of oil pre-medicated with herbs. This helps to calm the nerves and relieve the build-up tension in the muscles.

Shiro Dhara is another Ayurvedic remedy used to relieve stress and the symptoms associated with it. Warm oil is poured on an area on the forehead and the soothing warmth of the oil has a cleansing effect on the mind and calms and relaxes the nerves.

Pranayama (deep breathing) and yogic exercises are also used to induce relaxation and help better manage stress.

The stress management packages at Westfort Ayurveda Hospital help you to effectively manage stress and get relief from it. The hospital has all the facilities to make your stay there a comfortable and refreshing one.

Book with us today and get started on the path healthy and stress-free living.

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