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Are you in the lookout for a good body massage that will rejuvenate your senses and lighten your skin? Njavarakizhi is the best treatment for you. A part of the Kerala Ayurvedic treatment, Njavarakizhi is a great therapy known for its amazing benefits. It is reputed to be very helpful for people suffering from arthritis, paralysis, body weakness, lethargy, trauma and stress. The massage helps maintain good muscle tone, and relaxes the mind.Just check out the procedure…

Initially, your body will be preconditioned with the help of oil. The oil is massaged all over your body & you will be allowed to lie down and relax for a while. Njavara rice (a type of rice) is cooked with milk and a few herbs like Mustard, Deodar, Sida or even ghee and milk for the preparation. Once cooked this mixture is put in cotton potlis or pouches and be used to massage your body. These pouches are gently pressed all over your body for about 30-40 minutes, approximately. The rice will then be applied on your body while it is warm, and be wiped off after a while. The technician will then apply another type of oil all over your body and you will be allowed to relax for the next 30 minutes. After this, you will be asked to take a warm shower. The procedure lasts for about 60 minutes.

Oral medicines called Leyham and Kashayam can also be taken to make the treatment more effective and long lasting.

Health benefits of Njavarakizhi

A healthy skin

Njavarakizhi  is a great way to improve the texture of your skin and to make it more bright and beautiful. This therapy is completely natural and doesn’t come with any side effects.

Enhances muscle tone and strength

Muscle strength is another major benefit you will be able to derive out of Njavarakizhi. This therapy is surely worth trying if you are experiencing general body weakness because of age.

Lowers cholesterol levels

Njavarakizhi therapy through its innate effect of inducing sweating helps regulate proper blood circulation and lowers cholesterol levels.

Stress buster

This massage is perfect for you if you have been stressed recently and need to relax. Njavarakizhi helps to relax your body & also allows your mind to get some rest as well. It calms the mind and helps beat all the ill-effects of stress.

Relieves symptoms of arthritis

Njavarakizhi can be used to combat the pain and inflammation associated with Arthritis. Also getting regular Njavarakizhi treatments helps strengthen the muscles and therefore helps provide long term relief for people with arthritis.

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