Best ayurvedic massage centers in Kerala,

How to find authentic Ayurvedic massage centres in Kerala?

Best ayurvedic massage centers in Kerala

Kerala is renowned world over for traditional Ayurvedic treatments and massaging centres but finding the best Ayurvedic massage center in Kerala is rather difficult. Every year hordes of tourists arrive in Kerala with the primary goal of getting the authentic Ayurvedic treatments. But these tourists are often misguided by travel guides and drivers and they end up reaching the private facilities where there are no qualified doctors and the treatment is done by people with no practical experience. It is a matter of grave concern as Ayurvedic massaging when done by people with no expertise can cause serious and permanent damage to your body. It is always better to choose authentic Ayurvedic facilities led by qualified doctors and therapists.

While choosing a massage center do check out the following factors:

  1. How long has this Ayurveda center been in business? You can always Google for data and get details
  2. Is there a qualified doctor on site as most of the Ayurvedic treatments including the massaging require a checkup by a qualified Ayurvedic doctor before starting any treatment.
  3. How much does it cost? Check out few Ayurvedic hospital websites and try to understand the average cost for various treatments and massages or you may end with having to pay through your nose for the massage.
  4. Is the oil used being reused? It is heard from multiple sources that small parlours buy used oil from other parlours and try to use them.
  5. Is there facility bath after the massaging? As various oils are applied on your head and body in Ayurvedic massaging, it won’t be possible for you to get into your car without a good bath. But some massage parlours lack proper bathroom facilities.
  6. Are there any accommodation facilities? At times just a 1 hour treatment will not do much for your health and you may need more days of massaging.  So, check if the massaging centre has the facilities to accommodate you for multiple days.
  7. Do you need to follow an Ayurvedic diet? If they have facility for specialty food then  they will be able to provide you the special vegetarian food recommended during the course of your treatment. So, it is better to choose a place where they provide the special diet.

Consult the Ayurvedic doctor, discuss your health and ask his recommendation on what kind of treatment is best for you. Westfort Ayurveda Hospital Thrissur is one of the best Ayurvedic massage centers in Kerala and has all the facilities to provide Ayurvedic treatment.

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